Sep 18, 2007

Rav Elyashiv's pomegranate

Here is the meaning of the poster: Rav Elyashiv, before Rosh Hashana, purchased some pomegranates from which trumot and maasrot had not been sepoarated. That means they were "tevel" and had a mitzva d'oraisa for him to separate trumot and maasrot. Being that last year (i.e. before Rosh Hashana) was the 6th year of the 7 year shmitta cycle, that means he had to separate maaser rishon and maaser ani (1st tithe and the tithe for the poor). Rav Elyashiv separated the necessary tithes and then donated his tithe of the poor (one pomegranate) to tzedaka organization called Rabbinic Committee for tzedaka in the Holy Land.

I am not really sure what to do with this image....

I could make it into a caption contest.. anybody have a good caption?

I would say he is probably wondering what the heck they want his one pomegranate for..and what they are going to do with it? It is such a big deal that they will give it to a poor person for him that they need to make a poster out of it? Maybe they will sell it and use the proceeds for the poor? Maybe they will even put it on ebay for sale!!

Is this another stage in the making of Rav Elyashiv, along with many other Rabbis, into a chassidic rebbe?


  1. maybe they are just so amazed that someone of his stature still remembers the "little mitzvos" they have to publicize it.


    "hey, is that what that tumor looks like"


    um, rabbi, what if the mohel takes off the wrong area"?

  2. "rebbe, look , an orange esrog"!


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