Sep 19, 2007

latest Breslav trend

Maariv newspaper has reported that a family from petach Tikva applied at Misrad Hapnim to name their newborn baby nothing less than "Na Nach Nachma Nachman M'Uman".

The request was denied. The report did not say on what basis. If this child was a boy, which I assume it is, it means they gave the baby the name first at the bris. Did they name it forst at the bris Na Nach Nachma Nachman M'Uman and the Misrad Hapnim disallow it? I wonder what its real name is...


  1. Shelo asani chussid!

  2. Maybe they didn't allow it since the kid probably will hate it later on in life.

  3. So, if this kid becomes a rebbe, what will his followers be saying in a few hundred years?

    Based on a name of "nanachnachmanachmanme'uman", it should be somthing like "na nanach na nanach nanachnachma na nanach nanachnachma nanachnachmanachmanme'uman"!

  4. i know of a kid named 'rabeinu' who is a genius and doesn't seem to have any problem with his name..

  5. No - it goes like this:

    "Noach Nachum Nachman"


  6. in the same article there was a 40 year old man who is nicknamed "the tzaddik" in his shul. He decided that he wanted to make it official and change his name to "hatzaddik" in time for the High Holidays. His name change request was also rejected.


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