Sep 26, 2007

erev sukkos images

Some Erev Sukkos images...

The "merkaz mischari" - shopping area was jampacked today with people buying last minute items, along with coming out for the "shuk 4 minim"..

Here you can see a small portion of the crowds....
people checking the tips of the lulavs looking for good quality merchandise...

a merchants table with his wares, esrogim, laid out for all to see.... my boys with a few large "Yemenite Esrogim"..they are much bigger than our ashkenazy ones..

This is the table of the guy selling the Yemenite esrogim. he was very friendly. He gave me a slice of Esrog. They arevery sweet, in contrast to our ashkenazy esrogim.. you can see the large ones in front. The even mroe interesting one is the orange one. He told me the gemara mentions an orange esrog, but I do not remember it. I will have to look for it..

These are the esrogim being sold on the table from Kfar Chabad. They are Chabad Lubavitch esrogim. They originate from an esrog that was used by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. They took his esrog (I guess over the course of a number of years) and planted new orchards of esrogim.

This other merchant was selling particularly bumpy esrogim...

Chag Sameach!


  1. Amazing!!! Man, do I miss EY! Have a great Sukkos!

  2. The photo of your boys is awesome. What cuties! I've never seen esrogim so big.

  3. they are large Yemenite esrogs.. they leave them on the tree for much longer and that is what happens!

  4. What great pics! Thanks! Enjoy your yom tov! (what's left of it anyway!)


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