Sep 25, 2007

marketing a boycott

Pashkvilim (those great forms of communication used in frum neighborhoods in Israel) have been passed around Mea Shearim recently. These pashkvilim have been calling for a boycott of Hogla.

Hogla is a disposables company making items ranging from diapers to toilet paper. The claims against Hogla calling for the boycott of their products are that the factory operates on shabbos or the company purchases raw materials from other companies that do.

The local Haredim say they are not behind the ban and it is one of the competitors. The suspicion is that its main competitor, Saniv, is behind the signs calling for the boycott. Saniv says that they have been marketing their Sabbath observance but denies involvement in the boycott.

I find it interesting that boycotts and cherems and bans have become so pervasive and such a part of the haredi culture nowadays that companies play on it and call bans as part of their marketing campaigns.....


  1. The haredi community is known to be very susceptible to marketing claims and scams, partially because of their many children they don't have time to seek redress (and as the mom of 6 I understand this. Any company marketing to parents of babies has a very large interest in the observant community.

  2. Why not ? between a shomer shabbos and a michalel shabbos ?

    We are specifacly endowd with the title "am mikadshei shevii"

    In regards to chumros and maykils my brother told me a great story. After fainting on yom kipur from dehydration, the doctor in mearas hamachpela tried to force me to drink water, I refused, after the army paramedics came and took my heart beat and blood presure he was very harsh and insistant and forced me to drink 1 liter of water!! after which I said i'm going to vomit so they put a IV line in and pumped 3 bags of water!!

    My brother says that Rav chaim of brisk was famous for telling (sick / weak) people to drink on yom kipur. So they said "are you maykil with yom kipur ? he replied "no i'm machmir on pikuach nefesh!!!"

    I saw those signs too, listen when tzelafchad was mekoshaish eitzim on shabbos i'm sure everyone said he was crazy to get himself killed to show the isur..chazal did criticize him...


    I lived down the block from terminal 21 (its at kikar generali) I purchased there alot mainly erev shabbat when i needed things right before hadlakt neirot and the jewish stores were closed.

    Its owned by xtian arabs so I dont have a big complaint if they sell chametz on pesach, halachikaly its not a issue... they shopuld sell it to another goy?


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