Sep 5, 2007


Blatant Advertisement

I can't quite figure out how to properly spell yamulkas yarmulkes.

But I know where to buy them online:

Check out the online store!

(Not to mention, Talleisim, Benchers, and Challah Covers).


  1. I was approached by someone trying to purchase yarmulkes ['er, kippot] that were union-made, i.e., by workers in a plant thatis unionized.
    I am in the U.S.; the query came from a colleague in Australia.
    They can be made anywhere, from Israel to Chile to ... but not in a place that conceivably has workers laboring under sweatshop-like conditions.
    Any recommendations? If so, he more details the better.
    RSVP "here" as well as to me via email.
    Toda Raba,
    Arieh Lebowitz

  2. OOPS:

  3. Speaking of those beanie things on yer head, see this:

    Not that I support him or anything, but I think this is the farthest I've seen, though perhaps scooby-doo pushed the envelope farther than this.

  4. Is this the advertising spot? Can I advertise hubby's sofris?

    Any advice on keeping a kippah on a toddler's head? lol

  5. To keep a kippah on a toddler's head I suggest...thumb tacks! :)

    In truth, clips work well. However, we (and this is no reflection of hashkafa) used velvet kippot (they stayed on better).


  7. i wish i can go back to suede, but then my kids wont be accepted into schools here.

    alas, poor suede...

  8. My kids wear velvet. They are big enough that they won't fall off. You can also try velcro. I use that myself :o)


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