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Apr 15, 2008

Most unusual thing seen for Pesach

The funniest thing I noticed so far when shopping for Pesach was on an item I purchased last night.

I bought a bottle of Palmolive dishwashing soap last night. Along with the hechsher and the stamp that it is kosher for Pesach, I noticed it also said it is Pareve. So i can eat it with both my meat and my dairy meals!

What is the most unusual thing you have seen?


  1. Huh! Wonder if it goes better over stuffed cabbage or kugel?

  2. Well i noted the other week that our toilet bowl cleaner has a badatz hechsher. So its good to know that my toilets or their scrubbrush are fine for eating on/from....

    Alas, however, it doesn't say kasher l'pesach - does that mean i simply can't each from them next week or i can't use them at all :)


  3. miz - welcome back. I hink kugel.

    shoshana - if the bleach does not say pareve, how do you know if you can use the toilet with meat or dairy meals?

  4. Does anyone know where I can get a kosher for pesach phone?
    Also, is there any halachic issue with selling a kosher (for the rest of the year) phone to a goy?
    thanks in advance

  5. RAfi, we can't tell if your commenters are serious or not any more.

  6. I was in the supermarket last week, and a friend had a question about a certain spice. It had the regular "badatz" hechsher, above the words "לימות השנה בלבד - לא לפסח", which was right next to big lettering that said "כשר לפסח"!

  7. Yoni - so was it kosher lpesach or not?

    was the kosher l'pesach from a different hechsher maybe, not from the regular badatz?

  8. It's not for Pesach, but Tzitzis Glue certainly tops MY list...

  9. And I LOVE seeing the label "Kosher for Passover AND for all year 'round..."

    No? Really? Who knew?!


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