Apr 8, 2008

The lines at Shefa will now get longer again

These signs were plastered around town last night. They say, "Clarification: Because of noticeable progress in the contact with the owners of "Dor Alon", The Rabbonim are instructing those who ask them that they are able to make their purchases in Shefa Shuk stores. And everybody should do as his Rav instructs him."

This comes in the wake of the announcement yesterday that Dudu Weissman (the main owner of the controversial AM:PM chain of stores, and also Shefa Shuk (among others) announced that as a first step he would close 7 AM:PM stores on Shabbos and would discuss further moves..

Don't forget, there was never any official cherem. They kept saying they are urging people not to shop at Shefa but the cherem was only a threat in the meantime..


  1. How do you know these flyers weren't posted by Shefa Shuk?

    (For that matter, how do you know the original flyers weren't posted by Shefa Shuk's competitors?)

  2. I dont know. there are such rumors. There are rumors the other way too, about how the "cherem" was advanced.

  3. if they were put up by Shefa, though, the Haredi organization running the cherem would have immediately condemned Shefa's move, they would have stepped up the cherem and they would have publicly attacked shefa for speaking in the name of the gedolim.

    None of that happened, so I think it is safe to assume that the signs are real.

  4. I await the Charedi explanation about:

    1) What Rav Chaim and the other gedolim really said.
    2) What they really meant.

    How true is the saying that life and death are in the tongue.

  5. Seems that the new pro shefa signs are forged and tomorrow supposedly there will be a hachraza against these false signs, and the original "almost issur" is still on full force

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