Aug 29, 2011

Ministry of Education Supports OROT Vaad Version In Conflict

A representative from the Ministry of Education has gone on record, in public, on the 6 PM national news, supporting the version of the OROT girls vaad. The building was promised to them, the building was given to them, they spent a lot of money building it. It is theirs and the Iryah has no rights to take it away. The Minsitry of Education has warned the Iryah of Bet Shemesh that if th school is not opened properly, steps will be taken against the Iryah.

Let's see how this develops.


  1. if i were a parent in that school i would be really not happy either way. This situation is horrible. its going to get much worse. If I had a daughter there i would be scared to send her to school.

  2. Where is TOV? Sadly the TOV party has been silent on this and refused to support the demonstration tonight. By keeping silent they are supporting the mayor and are giving the green light to give in to the Kanaim.

  3. I have a daughter in the school and though I am frightened to send her, I cannot let extremists control our lives. I strongly believe that instead of evicting us, the Iriyah should be providing our girls with the proper safety and supervision that should be their right.

  4. The problem is that the kanoim care more than the police and the mayor, and can therefore outlast them.

    In addition, even a non-violent, legal protest, is detrimental to the girls chinuch and will distract from their education. The OROT parents can not win this one long term

  5. The Iriya claims there was a "compromise agreement" some time ago where a boys school was allowed, but not a girls school.

    If the Misrad HaChinuch subsequently permitted the building to be used for a girls school, against the compromise agreement, and Shaalei Torah went forward with the Misrad HaChinuch's blessings, knowing that it went against a prior agreement, this would understandably upset both the Iriya and the residents with whom the original deal was made.

    This is NO APOLOGY WHATSOEVER for the use of violence or threats against Shaalei Torah. And if the Iriya does not stem this kind of activity with swift and decisive police action, something is very wrong!

    The point I'm making though is that if the Iriya's statement is accurate, there is blame to go around on ALL sides.

  6. the Vaad of Orot denies there was ever such an agreement. It had been suggested, but was never agreed to.

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  8. the minister of education will be answering questions, live, on yisrael hayom's facebook page, today at 17:00. someone should put this issue to him.

  9. If Orot denies ever agreeing to a compromise that the Iriya is so adamant about, this needs to be examined by a third party and clarified!

    Another question - is this the first Orot is hearing about the Iriya's version of events, or has it been operating the whole time knowing that the Iriya believed there was an agreement?

  10. From the Jerusalem Post:

    "The Beit Shemesh parents committee said Monday that a week ago the municipality and the Education Ministry reached an agreement that the building will house the Orot Banot school for girls. The mayor even sent a letter congratulating the committee, but days later it received a letter from the mayor’s office asking them not to have the girls study there on September 1, due to the threat of violence from haredi extremists. The committee said that it then held a meeting with the mayor in which members said he felt his hands were tied by the extremists, and he asked them to settle on a compromise."

    If this is true, it means the Iriya is reneging on ITS deal, and completely unfairly vilifying Orot. It also means that such an agreement came only a week ago, meaning that Orot was operating until then with no agreement in place, knowing that things were about to come to a head.

  11. It is just sickening to threaten little girls (or boys, for that matter) over an adult issue.

  12. ThinkForYourselves!!!August 30, 2011 10:19 AM

    One thing Ive learned is never rush to judgement. Do not believe one version until ALL of the evidence is before you and you have heard from ALL SIDES. Just because someone tells you his/her version does not mean you should automatically believe it - this applies to all types of neighborly disputes, unfortunately which, are rampant in the anglo communities in B/RBS. People believe every word they hear without realizing there may be a valid OTHER SIDE to a dispute. Just because someone tells you some neighbor is getting divorced or why they are dont automatically believe it. Just because someone tells you someone else was in jail once dont believe it or maybe there was a valid reason. Just because someone tells you so and so is a bad neighbor well maybe the one telling you is himself/herself the bad neighbor. Think for yourselves !!!

  13. I agree with poster "Think For Yourself" that we should be careful to rush to judgement, especially people like me who have no first hand knowledge about the situation.

    However, as far as I can tell, ALL parties (The City, the parents, and the people oppose to the school) agree that a factor in making the decision was threats of violence.

    In a civilized society, threats of violence should NEVER be used to make decions, the authorities should deal with the threats and make a decision based on other considerations.

    The fact that the mayor has publically stated in a letter that RBS has become a free-for-all where Might-make-right and decisions are made based on indimadation should be very worrying for all citizens.

    I feel very sorry for the girls enrolled in this school and their families, because it seems that any decision that will be made will negatively impact on their eductaion (although could be a good opportiunity to teach about civil responsibility and appropriate ways to deal with disagreements)

  14. There is no middle ground, either you condemn or condone threats of violence against the schoolgirls. The reality is that this has nothing to do with how students dress and behave, and everything to do with an expanding land-grab strategy by hareidim. For all their modesty worries, some in the hareidi community think it acceptable to threaten children, whilst the rest silently accept it, if not supporting it.
    I write this an ex-beit shemesh resident.


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