Aug 21, 2011

Politicians: "There is No Threat of Rockets from the Disengagement" (video)

Politicians: "There is No Threat of Rockets from the Disengagement"

I am not one for harping on the mistakes of the past, but today this is worthy of a reminder...


  1. a) i hope that this exists in hebrew and goes viral in israel
    b) i wonder if any of the honorable speakers will respond
    c) like i wrote on FB, amazing that they could make the same dumb prediction that peres made in 93 in the oslo debate. if you don't learn from history you're bound to need a spin master to cover up your stupid mistakes

  2. follow up to c: or does being an MK mean never having to say sorry?

  3. should be follow up to b.

  4. Many thanks for posting this!

  5. Earn money from homeAugust 22, 2011 9:56 AM

    Hey, maybe the Arabs and the Israelis could vacation in Oslo together to talk peace? Oh, been there, done that. Maybe would should leave Gaza, and THEN there will be peace. Wait, we tried that. Maybe the Arabs could have a country in the West Bank. Wait, they did that already. I'm seeing a pattern here. I have to go to my safe room now. Bye.


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