Aug 19, 2011

Soldier Heroically Saves Fellow Soldier After Terror Attack In Southern Israel (video)

I was watching some news clips about the multiple terror attacks yesterday in southern Israel near Eilat, when this heroic story was reported from outside the Josephtal hospital.

The report describes how a female soldier saw one of the injured soldiers and saw that she needed to stop the bleeding. Thinking quickly, she took off her bra and used it as a tourniquet to arrest the bleeding. He was later evacuated to hospital and is recovering, thanks to her heroism and quick thinking.

Her father, Ziv Zimran, describes what his daughter, Shoval, had done to save the other soldier. Interestingly, the initial reporter who introduces the story would not say how she saved him by pulling off her bra. He said she saw he was critically injured and removed one of her undergarments to stop the bleeding...

IDF soldier Shoval Zimran should be commended for her heroism and quick thinking.

Here is the report..


  1. What quick,creative thinking to save a life!

    And while great knowing this fine soldier's life was preserved in all of this, still, he might have left this world a happy man is she was a 36-D in a Victoria Secret push-up bra...

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