Aug 23, 2011

Palestinian In London Defends His Right To Sell Israeli Dates (video)

I wish we had an image of the woman filming and antagonizing the storekeeper in order to see who she is, if she dresses Muslim or is just a British supporter of palestine.

Either way she seems a bit kooky. They put Palestinians on top of trees and leave them up there until the end of the day? Does she mean that she is protesting that Israeli farmers give Palestinians jobs as fruit pickers?

The Palestinian storekeepers willingness to continue selling dates from Israel as long as many customers want it (if nobody wanted them he would not waste shelf space on them) leaves a spark of hope that there could be at least tolerance and mutual understanding in our futures.

And it seems to me to be pretty positive that the rest of the people in the area don't seem to care about it either. She is trying to rile people up and a few give some boring statements, but nobody is with her harassing the storekeeper, and nobody has burned down the store...


  1. not palestinian but pakistani

  2. It has been told by residents of Yehuda and Shomron that the majority of Arabs desire to work, live, go to school, marry and enjoy life ---- & wish that the ARAB LEAGUE, ABBAS, EU, etc. would just disappear.

    What are your thoughts?

  3. I have heard that as well. is it true? I have no idea.

    Polls and surveys over the years have consistently shown that a majority of Arabs in Israel prefer living under Israeli rule than Arab rule as their freedoms are greater and their quality of life is better.

    Arab residents of East Jerusalem have been polled and supposedly prefer Israeli rule.

    Again, I never believe polls as they are easily skewed, but that is the propaganda being brandied about///


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