Aug 31, 2011

Despite The Bad Press, R/BS Has Wonderful People

With the bad press Ramat Bet Shemesh has been getting recently, Bet Shemesh really but it is spillover from RBS B, I think it is only fair to post the following email that was sent this morning to the local email list:
Last week I had to get to the train station to catch a train for Tel Aviv before Shabbos to join my family in who came to visit from Chul. 
There were no taxis available for a *long* time prior to departure time and I had not anticipated this difficulty.
Mishamayim, this lady stopped her car on Ayalon & Dolev and *drove* me to the train station herself, despite the shabbos preparations that were awaiting her!
I had no words to describe this chessed. This lady refused payment and only asked for me to give some tzedaka to her favourite organization.
Kol hakavod to her and to the wonderful people living In RBS A.
Especially when there is fighting and conflict, which there has not been for a long time, it is important to point out that RBS and BS is in general a wonderful place with wonderful people. The fights happen, not everybody is great and willing to help others, to let others be, but for the most part acts of chessed like the one described above are normal occurrences and part of daily life with the wonderful people of Bet Shemesh.

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