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Aug 30, 2011

OROT Is Not Inside A Haredi Neighborhood

Another notion that must be dispelled regarding the fight over the OROT building is that it is in haredi neighborhood. Somebody told that to the press, and they have accepted it as fact. It makes it look like the Dati Leumi are trying to take over haredi neighborhoods and are being unreasonable. Even the mayors press release mentioned that it is adjacent to (true) and within (not true) a haredi neighborhood.

To illustrate my point and show you how it is not true, I grabbed an image of the area off of Google maps and marked it up, showing which neighborhoods are Dati Leumi in the area and which are Haredi.

You probably have to click on the map to enlarge it to see.

You will see I circled the location of the OROT school, the building that is the center of the dispute.

Surrounding the school building, on the left side and above it (directly across the street and deeper within) are all Dati Leumi neighborhoods including Ramat Neriya, Nofei Aviv, Sheinfeld and others (Givat Savyon, etc. depending on how far extended we wish to look).

To the right of the school, along Herzog Street, there is one strip of houses leading up to RBS B that are haredi and that leads further down to RBS B, and on the other side of the street further up is the Kirya Haredit of Nahala U'Menucha and Bayis U'Menucha.

The OROT school building is NOT within a haredi neighborhood. It is adjacent to the edge of one, but it is far more surrounded by Dati Leumi neighborhoods than haredi ones. You can see it for yourself.


  1. יישר כחך for helping to diffuse misunderstandings in this case.

  2. All of Bet Shemesh is inside a charedi neighborhood.

    Charedi mayor.
    Charedi dover iriyah
    Many charedi council members

    charedi future

  3. If you look at the area south of Orot, where you didn't really circle anything is a brand new "neighborhood". Almost overnight about 25 caravans appeared (where the Yeshivat Hesder was supposed to be) and set up Chareidi schools etc

  4. If I'm not mistaken, Rafi has actually left out a couple of DL buildings.
    I believe that the two buildings nearest the school and the building site next to them (between "Sderot HaRav H" and the street "below") are Ramat Neria which is DL.


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