Aug 31, 2011

Police Out Mayor Abutbol As A Liar

The other day, Mayor of Bet Shemesh Moshe Abutbol released a statement to the press and to the public stating his position regarding the conflict surrounding the OROT girls school building. In it he discussed compromise, and safety. He claimed that the whole problem is predicated on the fact that the police had passed along information saying there had been threats against the girls, and he therefore is concerned for their safety. out of such deep concern he just cannot give them the final permit to move into the building.

I translated the mayor's statement about OROT the other day.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the police are denying they ever gave any such information to the mayor.
Beit Shemesh police never warned the city’s mayor, Moshe Abutbul, about potential violence if a local national religious girls school opens in the city this Thursday nor did it pass on any intelligence about such alleged threats, a Jerusalem District Police spokesman said Tuesday.

In a statement sent to The Jerusalem Post on Monday, the Beit Shemesh municipality said ‘the police have passed on intelligence saying that there are threats to the safety and security of the girls who will study in the building, due to the expected violent actions of extremists.”

The Jerusalem District Police told the Post on Tuesday “under no circumstances do we share any intelligence with any bodies outside of law enforcement.”

The spokesman said police held a meeting with members of the Beit Shemesh parents committee on Tuesday regarding their desire to gain a permit for a protest on Wednesday evening, during which he said he stressed the necessity for keeping the peace.

He said regardless of what the mayor or anyone else has said, the decision about opening the school is to be made solely by the Education Ministry, and whatever decision is made police will be there to keep the peace.
So, besides for all the other inaccuracies in his statement, which could perhaps be chalked up as an argument such as "he said, she said", "my word against your word" or "three sides to every story", this is clearly a lie. Unless it is the police telling the lie.

So, does that mean that any means used to achieve the end result of snagging an extra building for the haredi community, or maybe for the kannoim/thug community (I don't know who he would have given the plot to if he could choose) is acceptable? he can make up stories and lie blatantly just to achieve his goals and placate the people he is beholden to?Did he start the whole fight with this story he made up about it being dangerous, is he the one who caused the great divide this week?

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