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Dec 27, 2015

game review: Torah Bingo

this is a bit unusual. I was asked to review a game, and I don't usually play games. I was skeptical going in, as I don't have much patience for games...

But it turned out pretty good.

The game is called Torah Bingo.

It is pretty much BINGO, but adapted to work with a theme of the parshat hashavua.

Instead of just picking numbers out of a large bowl and filling out a BINGO card, you go through  questions from a sheet of questions on the parsha. Based on the number of the question asked and answered, the players fill out the BINGO card covering the relevant number.

While we played the traditional way with the players covering the numbers and then calling out BINGO when filling a row, the games instructions have the winner completing the outer perimeter of numbers.

The game, Torah Bingo, was surprisingly competitive, and each kid really had a good time trying to answer the questions before the other kids.

We found Torah Bingo to be a good source for reviewing the parsha with the kids, and having a fun time while doing it.

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