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Dec 29, 2015

recruit the Duma suspects as agents

Considering that the boys suspected of perpetrating the arson and murder in Duma:
1. are supposedly being tortured by the Shabak interrogators
2. have supposedly not revealed any information at all to help move the investigation along and the Shabak still does not have a shred of evidence,

I would recommend the Mossad immediately recruit these boys as agents. the Mossad should then send these boys on missions around the world in the most dangerous locations. They have already proven they can withstand the most horrible torture and keep their mouths shuts. These boys would be the perfect agents.

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  1. erm slash perhaps they are simply innocent and have nothing to reveal...

  2. The author of the blog - what a nasty thing to say!

  3. Nah, they'd be noticed for their peyot right away....

  4. I understand the sarcasm...
    B" H the world of SHEKER will end soon enough to let them hold on.
    May Mashiah be crowned now to save us, to preserve the NESHAMOT of every Jew, a piece of Hashem Himself.


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