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Dec 29, 2015

Shimon Peres is alive... maybe

Much of Israel got nervous/sad yesterday when rumors spread the Shimon Peres had died.

It turns out it was a misunderstanding. Peres released a notice that he is alive and well. It turns out someone else with the same name had died. That guy was probably much younger than our former president.

I do think though that Peres's office should have included in their press release a picture of Peres holding up the day's newspaper, to dispel any further rumors. Just saying he is alive doesn't mean much without visible confirmation. Maybe he is really off in hiding with Yitzchak Rabin, Elvis and JFK... only a picture of him, holding the day's newspaper like hostages do to prove life, would work.

Yes, this is a joke. To think Peres would pass away and it would not make the news but only spread via rumors on Whatsapp is silly

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