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Dec 28, 2015

hold off on the Netanyahu investigation

Sara Netanyahu is going to be interrogated under caution regarding her behavior in the PM residence.

I've said it before - I think Benjamin Netanyahu has been PM long enough. I think it is time for him to announce this as his last term in office and that he will be retiring from politics after the term concludes.

Despite my thinking that Netanyahu should be doing other things besides for the job of Prime Minister, I don't think this investigation should be taking place right now.

If people in the Netanyahu family are suspected of crimes that are related to the functioning of the Prime Minister - such as taking bribes, treason, corruption, and the like - then it should be investigated, even while he is in office,and he, and/or any involved family members, should have to answer whatever questions are asked in an investigation.

An investigation like this, though, is not relevant to the office and its functioning. This can be a major distraction to the prime minister (and he also holds the roles and responsibilities of multiple ministers in his own government) , especially as he is functioning in such a tumultuous time (though when isn't it), and this is too much of a distraction. This type of investigation can wait until the Netanyahus are out of office. Put in safeguards so that whatever they are suspect of cannot happen again, but this investigation should be put on hold until a later date.

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