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Dec 15, 2015

Wigging Out In Lakewood (video)

obviously without seeing the images it is impossible to actually judge and have a real opinion as to whether she is a crackpot or is correct in her complaint... but to start off, even without seeing the "offending" imagery, in a community like Lakewood she could very well have a real complaint...

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  1. Why am I not surprised it's a woman complaining?

  2. Not sure what you mean not seeing the images... she's talking about the cartoon outlines in the light-blue / aqua color section on the car. Do the video full screen, you'll see them clearly. She has 2 complaints - the hair styles shown are not typical shaitel styles even though they are not particularly revealing or attractive ones, and their necklines are lower than a dog collar but are tzniyus by most definitions. Given that Lakewood is in the US, where there is a Walmart that the frum community frequents 10 minutes up the road, and that Walmart is also frequented by non-Jews, meaning it's not New Square or Bnei Brak where a family might expect to completely isolate themselves, the complaint seems completely ridiculous. But isn't that how we show our religiousness today...by how extreme we can be in our chitzonious and chumrot?

  3. You can see the images (and judge for yourself) on the company's facebook page:

  4. What this is really about is the old Lakewood vs new Lakewood. Lakewood was once a community which was almost entirely either kollel families (the majority), and those who specifically chose a "Yeshiva" lifestyle. (This doesn't count the indigenous modern orthodox community which mostly didn't mix with the yeshivish.)
    That started changing about 20 years ago, and most dramatically over the past 10 years or so, to the point where the balance is now tipped towards the non-"Yeshiva" lifestyle. Judging by their facebook page, this wig company is very symbolic of the new Lakewood.

    The scandal is that this company decided to mock this person by posting the call to the internet (or shared with their friends, which is the same thing).


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