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Dec 16, 2015

Quote of the Day

the main problem of assimilation is among those who are completely unaffiliated with Judaism, and not among the Reform Jews...do you really think that it would be ebtter if in that small town in America there would not be a Conservative institution that they pray and study in daily in Hebrew and about the State of Israel?
Unlike the Haredi MKs, I do not consult with rabbonim about all my political and diplomatic activities, as per the party I am the head of, while regarding halachic issues I do consult. By you everything is considered halacha, and that is legitimate, but our way is different, and I do not intend, as Ministers of Education and of Diaspora Affairs  to change that, and in the future too I will continue to act in the way that not always will I consult with the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah. I am open about this and not hiding anything.

  -- Minister Naftali Bennet, talking about the "conflict" between him and Chief Rabbi Lau regarding Bennet's visit to a Conservative school.

Bennet obviously has upset some people with his statement, but he is right. Whether his approach is right or wrong, or good or bad, can be debated, but his approach is his approach and he is under no obligation to follow the approach of the Haredi community.

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  1. This guy's religiousity is at most conservative, which today is like reform, and today's reform has no connection whatsoever to Judaism.

  2. What is he talking about? Most of Reform Jews are intermarried and he says there is no assimilation within the reform mvmt. so much utter nonsense; every truth is being twisted.


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