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Dec 27, 2015

Proposed Law: ministerial cars on Shabbos

MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) has proposed a law that would prevent ministers and deputy ministers from using the official government-issued automobiles on Shabbos as long as there is not adequate public transportation available to the public on Shabbos.

Zandberg says she is proposing this law in response to the new "Shabbos Law" proposed last week by MK Miki Zohar that makes it more difficult for businesses to operate on Shabbos.

Zandberg says that only if we stop the ministers from using their cars on shabbos will they finally understand how people without cars are stuck on Shabbos, unable to go anywhere due to the lack of public transportation.
source: TheMarker

This might be a reasonable idea in theory, but it has no chance of passing - even though a significant percentage of ministers and deputy ministers in the current government are religious and don't use their cars on Shabbos. Meretz is in the opposition, and the coalition will never let this pass. The one question is if and how the religious ministers will support allowing ministers to drive on shabbos in government-issued automobiles...

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  1. Beautiful proposal, but, unfortunately, it probably will not pass in the non-Jewish knesset. At least someone is trying to make it known that Israel (the Land) is Jewish and will always be, even when it is occupied by foreign influences. These influences are testing the Almighty and wait until he responds - oy vey.


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