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Jan 21, 2016

crumbs for the birds...

This Shabbos is Shabbos Shira. The custom is to feed the birds some crumbs, for a variety of reasons: either because they did not eat the manna that was out for the Jews in the desert, or because we "borrowed" their ability to sing when we sang after the splitting of the sea, or for other reasons.

The custom used to be to feed the birds on Shabbos, but in more recent years it became more common to feed the birds on Friday, due to a concern regarding the halacha of not feeding wild animals on Shabbos.

Anyways, if it is too difficult for you to gather some crumbs and pieces of challa to throw to the birds, you can now purchase a pre-prepared set of crumbs for the birds...

I'll assume the hechsher is on the bottom of the container, otherwise this might be a terrible michshol..

this goes up there with the jars of salt water for the seder and with the packages of 10 pieces of bread for bedikas chametz..

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  1. Why does it need a hechsher?

  2. For the same reason laundry detergent needs a hechsher

  3. Pitiful. Just like the other examples you gave.

  4. no one ever went broke underestimating the laziness of the Jewish baalabusta.

    1. Since most baalabusta's are not lazy, it must be the single men who are sustaining the market for such items.

      - Modche


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