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Jan 14, 2016

Lapid wears a kippa and tells people not to be afraid

MK Yair Lapid went to Brussels and met with some Jewish leaders. With a kippa on his head, Lapid commented about how nobody should be afraid today to walk around wearing a kippa on his head.
source: Behadrei

Maybe Lapid should try wearing a kippa on his head in Israel as well if he is so brave and courageous... it isnt so brave when you go to a shul in Europe and stay in a cloistered environment..

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  1. On the contrary, it's part of Lapid's understanding of his Jewish identity. Like most non-religious Jews he doesn't see the kippah as an obligation but as an ethnic garment. In Israel he doesn't need it. He doesn't feel like he's a minority and has to emphasize his ethnic difference. In Europe he wears it to show his Jewish pride.

  2. He probably wouldnt wear it on Shabbos though as it would be Muktzah Machmas Miyus for him...


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