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Jan 26, 2016

Quote of the Day

look, Israelis love to claim they are poor, but everybody succeeds in making a living in Israel. It is simply that every Israeli is a shnorrer. If you are born in Israel, you are not lacking opportunities. you need to be drafted to the army at 16, but after that the government really takes care of you. University education doesn't cost a thing.

  -- philanthropist Hershy Friedman

his style seems to be cruder than I expected of him after having heard so much of how generous he is and how involved he is...

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  1. Yes, truly shocking that a billionaire businessman would express himself so crudely and simplistically, given what we know of the high level of intellectual sophistication and thoughtfulness of other billionaire businessmen, like Donald Trump.

    You thought this guy would be different just because he gives lots of tzeddoka?

    Mah inyan Shemitta etsel Har Sinai?

  2. it isnt just that he gives a lot of tzedaka. it was the impression I had of him based on many articles I have read about his work and his involvement in various organizations.. but you are right. one has nothing to do with the other. sometimes you form an impression, a picture in your mind of what someone is like, and then are surprised to find out you were way off base.

    1. Or you find out that the haredi publications were writing uncritical, unprofessional, unreliable puff pieces.

  3. Here are some more pearls of wisdom from the erudite Friedman:

    Q. So you’ll never move to Israel.

    A. I’m there more than any other Jew is. Even Israelis aren’t there as much as I. I’m there at least once a month for a week. We’re in touch on a daily basis with Israel.

    (He's in EY more than Israelis are --- and more than any other Jew-- because he's there one week a month.)

    Also, the empty luxury apts are not really empty, it's just that the residents can't afford electricity, so they shut their trissim and use candles.


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