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Jan 27, 2016

Proposed Law: fund education based on no criteria

The Haredi MKs from Shas and [mostly] UTJ, had set their objective in this Knesset term to reverse all the legislation affecting the Haredi community passed by Yair Lapid in the previous Knesset term. So far they have been successful on that path by  successfully reversing every law they have so far demanded be reversed.

The next law on the path is regarding the funding of education and its connection to the studying of the core curriculum, known in Hebrew as limudei liba.

MKs Gafni and Maklev (UTJ) along with MK Margi (Shas) are now proposing a law that, if passed, will grant funding to educational institutions by the decision of the Minister of Education alone and not being dependent on any criteria.

Minister Bennet says this will not pass.
sources: Kooker and Srugim

We all know that Bennet is probably wrong.

If it does pass, the next time a government is formed the Haredi parties will demand an appointment as Minister of Education.

I don't think any system that deals with billions of shekels should be set up to grant funding without having any criteria in place to determine qualification. That leaves way too much room for corruption, bribes, favors, and the like. And I am not even talking abou tthe Haredi community. WHo knows who will be the next Minister of Education or the one after that, and such a law that leaves it all to the whim of the Minister with no criteria leaves a big hole for money to be passed to unsavory parties and for unsavory reasons.

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