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Jan 12, 2016

funny kashrut labeling problems

Two items on the shelves have been discovered to bear contradictory kashrut information:


this personal dessert bears two separate kashrut certifications, one of which deemed the dessert as dairy and the other as pareve.
The Rabbanut says they are looking into this.


this package of bittersweet chocolate is described as being cholov yisrael, though the hechsher logo defines it as pareve.
The Rabbanut says this is an old problem that has already been resolved. the chocolate is pareve. The merchandise, months ago, was recalled and repackaged with corrected labeling. This item was supposedly purchased abroad and must have missed the recall.

check your labels.

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1 comment:

  1. even better: it says 'kasher parve, halav yisrael'. I know lots of folks who would like to find parve halav yisrael!


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