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Jan 24, 2016

Goodbye Cleveland

Cleveland just lost a lot of Israeli fans, the moment they fired David Blatt from the head coach position.

Cleveland was never a team I liked, considering I am a Bulls fan. Most of the time they weren't even decent enough to be disliked, but when they were good, they were disliked. When they hired Blatt, they adopted a lot of new fans from Israel, and even I was happy to see them win under his tutelage.

While I don't understand why they would fire a coach that has them in first place, and has brought them to the Championship game in his first year, that is behind us now. The Cleveland Cavaliers can go back now to their natural position in ours Israeli minds...

Goodbye Cleveland. We won't miss you. The Bulls won't be winning it this year, even with their good team, but we Israelis will we'll continue cheering for Omri Casspi in Sacramento and we'll definitely be rooting for Golden State over Cleveland this time, and  I can promise that.

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1 comment:

  1. In general, the way it works is if the star player(s) doesn't like the coach, they get a new coach.


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