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Jan 17, 2016

Goodbye fax, hello 21st century

Today is the day that the government was supposed to give the final approval to doing away with faxes. No longer will people be required to send their documents in by fax, but more modern methods of communication are to become acceptable, such as using email and "other forms of digital media", whatever that means - maybe Whatsapp, maybe the toolbar they used to stick in to IE and use that for submitting forms, maybe something else.

I have not seen a report if the approval actually went through or not, but I think it is safe to assume it either was or will be imminently, as the approval was basically a formality as it had already been approved in earlier discussions about it.
source: INN, Srugim

We can now welcome Israel, the startup nation, to the 21st century.

Until now people have continued to buy multi-function printers because they needed the fax machine to fax government offices (and banks and medical facilities). We are now a step closer to ridding the world of the fax machine.

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  1. Sadly this means that offices must begin preparing a way for dealing with this, not that they all suddenly have a way of doing this. And some of the options are just horrible. Example - Bituach Leumi requires you to go to the office to get an ID and Password, then you'll be able to log in to their website and upload.
    I'm sure they will implement something usable...over the next 5 years or so.

  2. Agree with Akiva. This 'modern' tech. is getting out of hand. It's part of the 'control' on society.


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