Feb 14, 2017

According to a report on INN, a group of left-wingers' are planning on joining the Likud in order to influence the direction of the party to lean more leftward, despite not having any intention of actually voting for the party in future general elections.

a. they will never get enough people to join the Likud to do anything significant.
b. even if they tried, the Likud could technically reject their membership, citing the clear lack of identification with, and actual opposition to, Likud policy. Labor just did that when Amir Chetzroni tried to join their party. Likud did it when Hatzel joined. It happens all the time, and would surely happen if the Likud leadership caught wind of an attempt at a hostile takeover.
c. Moshe Feiglin tried this from the other side, going more right-wing. After 15 years of trying, see where it got him and how he changed the Likud. He gave up.
d. it should be fun to watch

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  1. Feiglin gave up trying to change the Likud because they were willing to stoop to some incredibly dirty tricks to keep him from climbinng the party list and threatening the secure seats of some of the upper party people, even though he had been doing some good work and had brought in some new membership. However, he hasn't given up trying to change things at all. He just gave up on the Likud. As did a number of people who had listened to him about it being more effective changing things within an establishied party. he's back to tryng to start his own again. It isn't really fair to compare what these lefties are doing, which is just to join to vote in the primaries in order to influence the party lists and then disappear and vote elsewhere. He stayed and worked.

  2. he changed nothing in the Likud was my point, not that he didnt work. after 15 years he never made it past the borderline of the Likud list. shenanigans are politics - if he wasn't goign to play the game, he couldn't legitimately expect results in his favor. That's part of being in the process. he chose Likud knowing the shenanigans they pull and all that, and he refused to make deals. He was destined to never get far with that approach.


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