Feb 13, 2017

your day in court might cost you double

I think this is unreasonable.

In an attempt to lighten the loads from the traffic courts, and in general to make the traffic laws bear harsher punishments, a proposal has been out forward by which a driver who appeals a fine to the courts and loses that appeal would have his fine doubled automatically.

About 30% of cases in the traffic courts are of people appealing their fines. Of those, the vast majority end up admitting guilt. This unnecessary tie-up of the courts would be relieved by the doubling of the fines - drivers will consider the situation carefully before appealing.
source: TheMarker

Everybody is entitled to their day in court. Threatening with the doubling of the fine to prevent people from going to court is taking away that basic right.

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  1. If this terrible law is passed, it will probably cause an increase in frivolous tickets, because drivers will be afraid to challenge them in court. Just opening the floodgates to more corruption - just what we need.

  2. +1 dlz's apprehension.
    I already understand that because of the overloaded traffic courts, fines are not sent to drivers caught by speed cameras unless they exaggerate over the limit. Lowering the threshold would see many more people make claims on the cameras which are already suffering from a credibility problem.


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