Feb 14, 2017

Husan and Beitar residents upset regarding closure of village

According to a report on Kikar, the people of the Arab village of Husan, along with some people from the neighboring Jewish town of  Beitar, are upset that the army has decided to try to put an end to the recent increase in stone throwing incidents from Husan on cars passing on the road below the village (375). To that end the IDF has now prohibited the entry of Jews into Husan, and IDF tractors blocked the egress from Husan to the road forcing locals to use an alternate bypass road.

The Husan people are upset that they are now losing all the Jewish business [mostly] from Beitar, and say it will have the opposite effect from the desired effect. They say it is kids doing the stone throwing, urged by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, and they have no control over this no matter how much the IDF punishes them. The say the IDF knows who is responsible and can punish those families alone and not everyone collectively, but they prefer to have the village leaders do the dirty work, though it will be ineffective.

The Beitar people are upset that now they will have to pay more for construction materials and for getting cars repaired because they cannot go to Husan to take advantage of the cheaper prices.

1. they basically support and confirm the concept of economic peace that many, including Bibi, have spoken about. Meaning, as long as they are making a decent living, they won't want to get involved in all that fighting that often hurts them economically. The people of Husan are saying exactly that. It i sjust kids. We just want to make a living. Hurting our bottom line by banning the Jews will just radicalize more people.

2. weird how despite the regular terror inflicted on the Jews, both local and others just passing through, [some of] the people of Beitar are still upset at the thought of having to go somewhere else and pay more money to fix their cars and buy goods. They'd prefer to support the people throwing stones on them then to pay extra elsewhere.

3. they all claim to know better than the IDF what security measures will and will not work.

4. Maybe Israel should just build a wall around Husan.

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  1. I thought Husan was part of Area A, as they have the big red signs saying entry was illegal and could result in death.

    1. I dont think they have one of those red signs, but I might be wrong

  2. It's Area B (PA civil control, Israeli security control). I'm not sure if they have one of the big signs at the entrance right past the checkpoint from the direction of Beit Shemesh, but they definitely have one at the entrance that's just off of Route 60 (right at the traffic circle at the beginning of 375).


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