Feb 16, 2017

Cofix raising prices

Cofix has announced they can no longer hold back from raising the prices of items in their shops from 5nis to 6nis.

That is a dramatic increase of 20%. Cofix says they delayed as long as they could but with minimum wage having been increased, along with real estate rental prices and other cost of living expenses increasing in price, they cannot continue to sell their coffee and other items at 5nis. 6nis is where it is at today.

That is a major increase in price. 20%. And they made a big deal about selling everything for just 5nis. But let's not forget that it is now just 6nis instead of 17nis or 20nis that the regular coffee shops are selling their coffee at. It will be just 6nis for a croissant or ice coffee or bowl of cholent compared to the 15nis or 12nis or whatever in the other shops, so people are still getting a great deal.

Better they should raise the price a bit and let the consumer still pay a fraction of what it costs elsewhere than go out of business and then the consumer would have to go back to having no choice but paying the high prices of the mainstream coffee shops...

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  1. 100% understandable - but its gonna expose my poor math skills. 5 shek was so much easier

  2. I can't understand how they can survive at all.

  3. exactly, still a good deal compared to previous prices all over

  4. How can people compare a coffee at Cofix and one at Aroma? Cofix is merely a stand, with no chairs, waiters, atmosphere, wifi, etc... The quality of the coffee is also worth the smaller cup itself.


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