Feb 20, 2017

but they seemed so normal!

There was some horrible case in Modiin Ilit of serious child abuse that led to the parents being arrested on Shabbos. After a doctor suspected abuse and reported it to the police, an investigation discovered, including supposedly catching serious abuse on camera form both the father and the mother, the abuse and led to arrests. They'll get their day in court, the legal process will move as normal, and they'll get their chance to argue their case and they'll either be guilty or innocent.

Among the articles I read about this, one of them quoted neighbors that are in shock about this and said things such as "we never suspected" and "they seemed like normal parents, we saw no indication of this", and the like.

There often is no clear indication. Abusers often look just like normal people, until they are behind closed doors with the people they abuse. It is the same shock people express when someone they know and never suspected is arrested for fraud, or for sexual abuse or being a pedophile or whatnot. They look like anybody else and often act like anybody else in public. If you do see or suspect something, it is important to check it out or report it to people who can, because it can go unnoticed for so long...

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