Feb 9, 2017

leaving Jerusalem, coming to Bet Shemesh

Ynet has some interesting stats from the National Bureau of Statistics regarding migration habits of Israelis.

According to the new stats, Jerusalem has the highest level of negative migration of all the cities in Israel. Meaning, more people per year are leaving Jerusalem to live elsewhere than the number of people moving to Jerusalem from other cities.

And Bet Shemesh is the city at the top of the positive migration chart, with more people moving in than moving out.

Out of all the statistics brought in the article, I found one more interesting stat. That is, out of all the people leaving Jerusalem for other cities, the two cities most moved to from Jerusalem are Bet Shemesh first and then Tel Aviv.

I find it difficult to believe that somebody looking to move to a new city is considering his two options of Bet Shemesh or Tel Aviv. Hmmm, should I move to Bet Shemesh - nah, Tel Aviv is better. Should I move to Tel Aviv - nah, Bet Shemesh is for me. The people considering Tel Aviv are not normally considering Bet Shemesh, and those considering Bet Shemesh are not normally considering Tel Aviv. They are very different cities.

It seems to me that Bet Shemesh is the prime location for Haredim, probably mostly young couples, moving out of Jerusalem looking for cheaper housing than what the big city has to offer. Tel Aviv, on the other hand, is likely the prime location for young professionals, secular or moderately religious, looking to leave the religious environment of Jerusalem and instead live in the country's hub of business and recreation...

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