Feb 9, 2017

messianism from Minister Yisrael Katz

Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz met with Temple Mount activists, upon their request, to discuss various issues relating to Har Habayit - including their request that Katz himself ascend Har Habayit..

During the meeting, the Minister expressed the special connection he himself feels with Har Habayit, as he is a kohen. He also revealed plans to extend the new rail lines to Jerusalem to reach a station that will be built just a few meters away from the entrance to Har Habayit despite the engineering complexities involved - the station, Katz said, will be named "The Har Habayit and Kotel Station". Katz said that he believes that making the heart of the country more accessible will strengthen the connection of the Jews to the place of the Temple and will be a step in the geula.
source: Har Habayit News

While I like Minister Katz as a minister and as a Jew, from everything I have read about him and heard from him, he is not the minister I would have expected a dose of messianism from... I think it is a great idea to bring public transportation directly to the are aof Har Habayit and the Kotel and mak eit easier for the masses to visit these places...

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