Feb 14, 2017

Quote of the Day

The Ministry of Defense is not transferring the money for the treatment of the Syrian refugees, despite its commitment to do so.  This is increasing the deficit if the hospitals in the north... if payment will not be arranged, retroactive as well, I will prohibit hospitals from accepting new refugee patients. I'll go crazy. Don't be a bleeding heart on my back.

  -- Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman, commenting on the 300 million nis costs involved until now in treating wounded Syrian refugees.

There is a humanitarian crisis in Syria, and whatever help can be offered should be offered, but someone has to pay for it. While sick/injured Syrians get free and immediate health care in Israel, many Israelis are destitute and sick and for them there is no money available from the government. It is important to help the Syrian victims, but if that much money is being spent on them then there should be more money available to help needy Israelis..

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