Mar 15, 2017

can Zionism and feminism go together?

In an interview with The National, Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American feminist activist, said the Zionism and feminism cannot go together. A person cannot be a Zionist or support Zionism while being a feminist.

There are many Zionist feminists, but Sarsour would simply write them off and not truly being feminists. The contradiction in her very essence with what she says, though, is that feminism is far more compatible with Zionism than it is with Islamism, or even with just plain Muslim. If Sarsour as an Islamist, as a Muslim, can be a feminist, as she says she is, then it is far easier to imagine the existence of Zionist feminists. Muslim countries treat women with terrible inequality and oppression, and Israel does not even compare in the slightest to that. Feminism is just the one thing she should not be complaining about regarding Israel and Zionists. Sure, things are not perfect with Zionists and Israel, for women as well, but they are immeasurably better than the way Muslims treat their women and people.

Many of the examples given by Sarsour as to how Palestinian women are oppressed have nothing to do with them being women. They are oppressed because of the situation in which they live, and in that regard are treated by Israel as equals with the men. If Palestinian women don't have access to scholarships it is either  not because they are women but Palestinian, if Israel is preventing that access, or because it is their Arab leaders who are preventing it.

Sarsour is able to be a feminist because she lives in the USA. If she lived in any of the Arab countries, she would have been jailed or killed long ago.

Zionism is far more compatible with feminism that whatever Sarsour is.

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  1. Sarsour endorses Sharia. Sharia is not compatible with feminism. That she's a rank hypocrite doesn't bother her at all.

    And that's not even getting into the question of whether Zionism is at all connected with feminism.

    1. She's playing off the collective ignorance of the public while also having the backing of the mass media who refuse to categorize the hypocrisy of her essence and continue to view her as legitimate and newsworthy.

  2. Linda Sarsour second in command is Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist released from Israeli jail. Please notice below that she will be speaking in CHICAGO, call the hotel and protest as I did.

    Why is a convicted terrorist murderer Rasmea Odeh being hosted in Chicago to speak at a conference at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place on March 30 - April 2?
    Rasmea Odeh, also a leader of Women's Day campaigns, has been tried and convicted of the murder of two students in Palestinian terror attack in which she placed a bomb in a supermarket.
    She then lied about being a terrorist to gain entry into the US. She has no place speaking at the Hyatt Regency or playing a leading role in the women's march.
    An American victim of Palestinian terrorism is now speaking out and urging the cancellation and condemnation of the events. ENOUGH with the celebration of murderers.
    Contact the Hyatt Regency Here: +1 (312) 567-1234

    1. Call the local vaad to stop certifying kashrut in the hotel.


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