Mar 15, 2017

Haredi reps want truth on status quo kept quiet

In budget negotiations between Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat and Haredi representatives, the issue of shabbat desecration in the city has become a contentious issue, with the Haredim making threats to not support the budget unless the status quo is restored.

With the report on the status quo, as prepared by the Director of City Hall and city legal counsel, ready to be publicized, things have changed. They have come to a tentative deal, and one of the demand sis that the mayor not publicize the report and its findings.

Why would that be an important point to add to the negotiations? Because the report is expected to conclude that there has been no significant breach in the status quo.
source: Kikar

The Haredi parties do not want that publicized, as it would hurt their image and campaigns.

In other words, the Haredi reps in City Hall in Jerusalem prefer to keep pumping out "fake news" about the status quo to its people so it can drive them emotionally and ride their waves of support and draw more votes and more support. The fact that it is not true makes no difference. They prefer to hide the truth from their people, because it weakens them.

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