Mar 23, 2017

outrage at fum guy taking selfie at scene of terror attack

The following picture from the scene of yesterday's attack in England has sparked outrage, at least in news headlines.

in the bottom left corner you can see a frum guy taking a selfie at the scene of the attack.

In case you think this might not be what it looks like, a video has been published in which you can see he is clearly Jewish and taking selfies, and his wife also appears in a snood.

It might seem insensitive, but I do not know why or what the big deal is. other people are also taking pictures. Perhaps he is taking pictures and video and posting it to social media or a website and "reporting" on the situation to the wider public - and then what makes him different than the professional media who are all there taking pictures as well and have cameras pointed on their reporters? Right next to him is someone else taking a picture -  outrage should be directed at him simply because he is including himself in his pictures?

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  1. You can't expect the world to judge favorably. They are always going to expect a level of behavior and sensitivity from identifiably religious, epseically religious Jewish people they wouldn't expect from anyone else. Why do you think chazal concern themselves with "marit ayin"? He may have been having entirely good attentions but you always go out knowing that people are holding you to the standard of representing HaKodesh Borochu and His Torah, whether their expectations are reasonable or not and try to think and act accordingly.

  2. The only way u can see what's going on is by using a selfie rod. Don't see the big deal at all.

  3. He's probably using it as a periscope. But it still looks bad.


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