Mar 22, 2017

Proposed Law: paying victims of terror abroad

If the "heritage rule" was good for Team Israel in the recent World Baseball Classic tournament, it has to be good enough for the victims of terror...

The Knesset yesterday passed a law by which the State of Israel will pay compensation to victims of terror attacks abroad, even if the attack was not directly directed at Israel or the Jewish people. Payment would be made to a victim of a terror attack performed by a terror organization who has in its charter the stated goal to attack Israel, Israelis or Jews.

The law qualifies the payment to allow it to be lessened in cases where the foreign country in which the attack took place also pays compensation for the attack, or for other reasons to be determined later.
source: Kikar

My main question or concern would be, who qualifies for payment? Only Jewish victims? What about any victim of ISIS terror, or some other jihadi or Islamist group that wants to destroy Israel and kill Jews, among whatever other goals it has - will Israel start paying out money to victims of Islamic terror all over the world? Syria wants to destroy Israel - does Israel now have to pay all the Syrian victims of the civil war, and especially of ISIS, compensation as victims of terror?

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