Mar 7, 2017

Have bimba will travel!

crazy story.

A two year old boy disappeared from Bnei Braq the other day. The police put out calls with the kids description. He was found on a bus to Netivot, 95 or so kilometers away, with is bimba. All he wanted, he said, was to go on a trip with his bimba on a bus.
sources: Ynet and Ynet

How he got on without paying or anyone noticing that he was alone is strange. The driver must have thought he was with one of the other passengers - children under the age of 5 ride free when accompanied by an adult.

Anyways, the kid is ok and the visiting family went back to New York.

I admit that when I first saw the headline I thought that the kid had gotten on his bimba and rode on it all the way to Netivot which was both frightening and made me wonder how he could go so far without being stopped. The actual story was a bit of a relief.

Have bimba will travel!

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