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Apr 6, 2017

Amnesty for outstanding arnona

Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri has announced that he has approved an amnesty plan by which people who owe a lot of money for old arnona bills they never paid will be able to pay "pennies on the dollar" - local authorities will be empowered to offer such people the option of paying up all their arnona debt at up to 50% off.

According to Deri, outstanding arnona debt in Israel stands at 30,000,000,000nis (that's right, billion).

To qualify, a person's arnona payments for the years 2015 and 2016 have to be paid up in full, and the amnesty only applies for years of debt until the end of 2014. Paying in one payment, cash, will qualify for a 50% discount, while paying in 12 monthly installments will get a 45% discount. The plan will go into effect on June 1 and will remain open for a period of 6 months.

Minister Deri said that the amnesty program will allow many people to come out from the dark as they can now take care of their debt, and all residents will benefit from improved municipal services, as the municipalities will have more money coming in..
source: Kol Hai

It is good to have an amnesty program every now and then. People get caught up in their debt and it compounds itself making it very difficult to get out of the mess. This allows them a way out. But it shouldn't happen too often, or people will plan around it and avoid paying knowing that later they'll be able to pay less.

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