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Apr 18, 2017

Minister Yaakov litzman visits Rabbi Berland under house arrest

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman paid a visit to Rav ELiezer Berland who is ill and under house arrest in the motel adjacent to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital after pleading guilty to charges of rape and other charges of sexual misconduct.

Berland reportedly has cancer, and in response to criticism regarding the visit, Litzman's office put out a statement saying that he paid a bikur cholim visit and they assist everyone in need.

I have no problem with Litzman helping Berland and visiting him to see what his needs might be. The Minister of Health is responsible for the health issues of convicts and prisoners just like he is responsible for the health issues of all citizens of Israel. The problem would be if Litzman and his office are not doing anything to help convicts in general or visiting them to assess their needs, but made an exception for Berland. If he has only gone to visit and talk to Berland, then this is a visit that is poor in taste. I don't know if he visited other rapists and criminals or not, so I will refrain from levying comment on it beyond what I already wrote - there is nothing wrong with it if he is helping and visiting others as well, but if he is not helping others and only Berland, that is a problem.

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  1. I heard MK Litzman is going to visit the rape victims too--NOT

  2. I heard MK Litzman is going to visit the rape victims too--NOT

  3. I heard that foolish gossip mongering was gonna stop on this website - NOT

  4. Oh, you know full well that he only went to visit him, and why. Porush came too- what was he doing there?

  5. I have no idea what either of them were doing there. Litzman's office clarified and said they were friends for 30 years and he came to pay a friendly visit and Berland paid for his crimes and should be fine now. I have no idea what he gains by going now. He hasnt gone until now and he has not been publicly close to him, so I have no idea what he thinks he is gaining by this visit. Maybe he is really just a good friend, but then he does not have much in the way of tact. Or maybe he thinks he is above it all, as he doesnt have to go through primaries and basically can do whatever he wants.

    1. I'd say votes, but that really doesn't make sense. Who knows.

  6. I wish publications that have a problem posting photos of women had just as much of a problem posting photos of rapists.


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