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Apr 25, 2017

Tel Aviv Haredim leave city coalition

The Haredi councilmembers in the Tel Aviv municipality have left the coalition because of the Supreme Court decision about the local bylaw allowing the markets to remain open on Shabbos.

How quickly will they rejoin the coalition?

If not for the issue depending on national-level politics, I would assume quickly. Leaving the coalition is a publicity move. It does not threaten the coalition or hurt anybody but them. Normally they would make their statement and then move on, and quietly rejoin after a short period, or after the next major issue takes over the news cycle. Really only the Haredi parties suffer from such a move, as they distance themselves form the pie.

But this time might be different, because national politics are at stake.

Shas is now threatening to leave the government coalition. There is going to be an attempt to pass a new law to circumvent the Supreme Court decision. There are a lot of moves happening that the Tel Aviv councilmembers are not acting independently of. They might be out for a while...

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1 comment:

  1. If Shas brings down the coalition, I don't see Charedi parties making it into the next. Likud would have to squeak by with a majority to want to have to deal with them again, and if anyone left-of-Likud gets the plurality vote, no way they're going to touch Charedim.


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