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Apr 5, 2017

Sell your chametz online through the Rabbanut, on Life in Israel

The Chief Rabbinate has decided to facilitate the sale of chametz, for free, to the public via a new website at Chametz Sale. You simply have to fill out the form, by no later then this Friday, and your chametz will be sold.

I am embedding the form here for you, and you can either fill out out here or go right to the Chametz Sale website and do it there.

Interestingly, in the intro to the form, they write that it is preferrable to go to a real-life rabbi and sell it through him, but if you cannot arrange to do so then you can use this form and sell it via the Chief Rabbinate. Yet, the entire reason they did this is because Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef just paskened in a recent shiur that one can sell his chametz lechatchila via the Internet. So, it is possible lechatchila but should only be done if you have no other option? That does not really make sense to me.


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