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Apr 27, 2017

clarification on Motzei Shabbos Lag bOmer postings


I think I have not been clear as to my intentions regarding the Lag bOmer on Saturday night posts. This is based on a few comments on previous posts that indicate to me that something was not clear. Perhaps it was not even clear to me.

I see two directions the discussion can go:
1. the Haredim should not be holding such celebrations on Saturday night because of the chilul shabbos it causes. The celebrations should be postponed until a later time that will not cause, or at least minimize, the chilul shabbos.
2. I don't care what the Haredim do. Let them celebrate when they want. They want to celebrate on Saturday night even though it will cause chilul shabbos - go ahead and party. Just stop telling the rest of the country how Shabbos is so important and that they can't do what they want on it.

I am more in tune with option #2 - let them do what they want, just stop telling everyone else what they can and cannot do. Though I do admit that if #1 happens I would be satisfied as well. I am not sure which of the two options is more or less likely to happen.

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1 comment:

  1. While your options are perfectly rational and sane, they do not reflect how Charedim in Israel think. The only question that has to be satisfied is as follows: does it benefit Charedim? A store being open, or buses running, does not benefit Charedim, so they are opposed. Hundreds of security personnel setting up for a wild party in Meron benefits Charedim, so they are pro. Their stance will never change because their comfort is their overriding concern.


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