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Apr 18, 2017

selling your chametz to your father

There was a cute meme going around social media before Pesach about Ivanka Trump Kushner asking her father, President Donald Trump, to buy her chametz from her for Pesach.

This story reminded me of that.

Shortly before Pesach, the Beis Din of Haifa performed the annual ceremony of selling the chemtz of their people to a gentile.

This year's goy for Pesach in Haifa was actually the father of the goy the Rabbi used to sell the chametz to.

Over the course of the past year, the previous goy completed his process of converting to Judaism. Being that he is now a Jew, this young man, Ron, could no longer be the guy goy who buys the city's residents chametz, but he himself needed to sell his own chametz. The rabbi sold all the chametz, including Ron's, to the young man's non-Jewish father.
source: Kikar

This is far better than the stories we sometimes hear about discovering the goy who bought the chametz is actually a Jew...

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