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Apr 23, 2017

Quote of the Day

The Haredim in Central Tel Aviv see everything. They see young women walking in, baruch hashem, immodest clothing according to Haredi concepts. They see the entire Jewish nation, but the Haredim in Tel Aviv specifically are very happy. Why? Because nobody bothers them.

  -- Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, speaking on Kol B'Rama radio station about the Supreme Court decision..

I am not sure what the "baruch hashem" in the middle of that is - is it baruch hashem the Haredim see these young women dressed that way or is it baruch hashem the women are dressed that way? I don't know. Either way it seems to me to be a weird statement.

I happen to agree that Tel Aviv is very good for religious people. In Te Aviv anyone can do anything, live hsi or her life in whatever way they choose, and nobody cares. Everybody does what is good for them, and nobody bothers them.

Huldai went on to talk about how the Supreme Court didn't allow them to open businesses, but basically confirmed a situation that already exists. As well, Huldai stressed that he follows the law and if the Haredi parties successfully change the law, he will follow whatever the law becomes. As well, Huldai stressed that massive illegal chilul shabbos happens around the country, but in Tel Aviv they follow the law and all businesses are closed and only a small number of stores are open in accordance with the law. Huldai said out of 20,000 businesses in the city, only 200 shops are open.

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