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May 12, 2024

Picture of the Day

PM Netanyahu, in advance of Yom Hazikaron, donned tefillin, explainingthat the mother of a fallen soldier from the Tzuk Eitan operation gave him her son's tefillin. These tefillin had been with him the entire time in battle and it was the only item to survive the battle in which Moshiko Dwino fell. The tefillin covers are still coated in ash from the battle. Netanyahu said he promised her that he would lay them in memory of Moshiko and in memory of the other fallen soldiers.

Journalist Amit Segal surmises this is the first time Netanyahu has put on tefillin. Personally I doubt that, but maybe first time as Prime Minister.

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  1. There has to be some familiarity. These tefilin are Sefardi, but the way he's wrapping them on his hand is classic Ashkenazi - something he'd likely only do if he had some residual knowledge of how to put on Tefilin.

  2. Also, odds are the soldier was right-handed, but Bibi (who is left-handed) knows which arm to put them on.

  3. His Charedi daughter who lives in the Rova had a bris awhile back and I recall seeing a photo of him at the bris wearing tefillin. This is definitely not his first time!


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