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May 29, 2024

UTJ threatening the government

whoa. this was unexpected, at least at this time.

The Haredi parties, especially UTJ, have not really threatened the government with any of the issues they consider red lines, despite saying they would. none of the passed deadlines or the various proposals for the Draft Law have caused the Haredi parties to bolt, despite them having said they would. Chilul shabbos of government officials and their offices have gone largely ignored, despite them being the impetus for crises in the past. They have always used the excuse that the Leftists just want to bring down the government and they wont be a part of it, or they would say this is the best government they can hope for so they wont bring it down to bring in a worse one. 

And now suddenly MK Moshe Gafni goes into Netanyahu's office and threatens that if money for Haredi educational institutions isnt cleared by Friday he will resign. In his wake have followed, so far, MKs Asher and Eichler, and Eichler said the others would follow along as well. 

This looks like a serious threat, though I am confident Netanyahu will solve it before they need to follow through.

The question in my head is why now. Is this really a bigger issue than all those other issues they havent been willing to turn into a crisis? Is it a matter of timing because Benny Gantz might be pulling out soon so they want to stay ahead of the curve or maybe they can take advantage of the instability?

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  1. Garnel IronheartMay 30, 2024 12:04 AM

    It's like they look at the general population and think "Hmmm, they don't hate us enough. How can we fix that?"

  2. There is no way that they will follow through with this threat. If they bolt the government that would force a new election, and it is very probable that the next government would not include Haredim and a comprehensive draft would be one of their top priorities


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